finding rosebud at the rose bowl…

August 10, 2011

This Sunday is the monthly flea market at the Rose Bowl! Last month I went with my friend Jenn Wong and took some cool snaps and a video (to be posted later today).  I was on the hunt for some vintage letters and numbers, along with anything else that caught my eye…These guys (gals?) are a little creepy, no? Needless to say, I did not buy them.I was stupid-excited because Madewell had a lemonade cart and the girls were passing out 15% off coupons, whoo-hoo! Love me some Madewell.Jess found some funky specs…Jenn and her little bro Alex lounging on a completely awesome 1960’s settee…OK, I almost bought this card catalog, and now I’m kinda sad that I didn’t. I love organizational furniture, even though it’s totally impractical for actually storing anything of size, but I just love the look! With a new top, it could have made a great little console table in my house.  Sigh…Smile, Jenn!And tah-dah, our one good find: Rosebud. The vintage sled is a gift for… well, I won’t say who in case they’re reading my blog, but it will make it’s appearance around the holidays this year. Success!Hope you have success on your hunt/travels/experiences this weekend, too!xoxo