little pumpkin…

November 02, 2011

My little pumpkin’s first Halloween was a success. smileWe visited a pumpkin patch in Woodland Hills (really hot & really dusty, but we managed to snap a picture of Finn with a pumpkin, which is all I really wanted in the first place)...  Requisite Mom Task number 2,576 can now be crossed off my list…All the girls in my mom group got in the spirit of the season and dressed up their kids—warning; cute overload.  And also, please be impressed, because this picture was almost impossible to take; the babies stayed in this position for a grand total of about 3 seconds before going nuclear.Phoenix was a lion…Draco was Superman…Finn was a monkey…...and Finn’s daddy was a giant banana.Isn’t my husband the best sport ever? I love him. smileWe somehow managed to have a low-key Halloween—first we checked out the scene at FIDM downtown, and then had a mellow evening at my friend Ashley’s with the whole family…My costume basically consisted of a $5 hat from the flea market, a safari shirt, khakis & boots. Voila, instant zookeeper! Or Jane Goodall; I never did decide which one I was. But you know, it really didn’t matter, because when you walk around with a GIANT BANANA, people’s attention tends to go elsewhere. smilexoxo