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The OC - The Complete 3rd Season

Following on from season two, the series continues to follow the characters’ lives in the wealthy community of Newport Beach, Orange County, California, with the main characters entering their final year of high school. Series creator Josh Schwartz said he wanted to explore the characters moving away as he “didn’t want to be one of the shows that stayed in high school too long”. He added that “graduating from high school is such a seminal moment for kids and parents. It’s something we knew we wanted to mine and explore.” The season revolves around Ryan Atwood’s savior complex causing trouble, and Seth Cohen’s lies posing problems in his relationship with Summer Roberts. Seth’s mother Kirsten attends rehab in an attempt to put her life back together, while her husband Sandy assumes leadership of the Newport Group after Caleb Nichol’s death and finds himself the heir-apparent to a legacy of scandal, and Marissa Cooper spirals out of control after her younger sister Kaitlin causes trouble on her return home from boarding school.

The season introduced a number of new students to the show. Additions to the cast included Autumn Reeser (who joined the cast as Taylor Townsend.), Cam Gigandet, Ryan Donowho and Johnny Lewis, as new social chair Taylor Townsend, rival surfers Kevin Volchok[ and Johnny Harper, and Johnny’s best friend Chili. Jeri Ryan and Jeff Hephner also joined the cast to portray new adult characters Charlotte Morgan, a mysterious woman Kristen befriends in rehab, and Matt Ramsey, an overzealous business partner working at the Newport Group. New guest stars in recurring roles included Paula Trickey as Taylor’s mother, Veronica Townsend; Erin Foster as a Newport Union student called Heather; Kayla Ewell and Nikki Reed as Johnny’s girlfriend, Casey, and cousin Sadie; Eric Mabius as new Dean of Discipline, Jack Hess; Shaun Duke as Henry Griffin, head of the board at Newport Hospital; and Morena Baccarin as Griffin’s daughter Maya.