Autumn Reeser on Her ‘No Ordinary Family’: ‘I feel crazy lucky’
July 21, 2010

Autumn Reeser has one question for the executive producers of her new show, No Ordinary Family: “Do I ever get superpowers or am I relegated to no jumping or flying or running fast?” In the series, which premieres Sept. 28 on ABC, Reeser plays Katie Andrews, a lab assistant who works for Stephanie Powell, Julie Benz’ stressed out scientist and wife and mother of two. After a trip to South America, Stephanie and her brood – husband Jim (Michael Chiklis), a police sketch artist, and two kids (Kay Panabaker and Jimmy Bennett) – develop special abilities, and Katie goes from coworker to confidante when Stephanie decides to confide in her. While Reeser’s character is one of the few on the series who is powerless, she does have a superpower in mind.

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